Antville Project

Features of antville

  • simple and fast creation of weblogs (it takes just two clicks!)
  • easy upload of images (including resizing and automatic creation of thumbnails) and any other data (called "goodies", i.e. sounds, videos, pdf or word files ...). Both images and goodies are organized in seperate pools for easy maintenance. Uploaded images and goodies can be embedded in layouts, stories or comments.
  • easy creation of stories (including preview of offline stories) plus the ability to structure contents by assigning them to custom definable "topics" and linking them together using a wiki-like syntax
  • fulltext search (searches in both stories and comments)
  • a fully customizeable set of "skins" (which are sort of layout snippets) that enables weblog-owners to completely change design and structure, plus
  • a rich set of macros (which are special tags you can embed in skins or content-elements)
  • easy-to-create polls that can be embedded either in stories or somewhere in a skin
  • RSS-feeds for all hosted weblogs plus a RSS-formatted list of weblogs (sorted by their last update)
  • Access- and referrer-logging
  • multiple authors per weblog plus the ability for weblog-owners to add other users to the list of members and to define their permissions (currently there are four predefined roles: subscriber, contributor, content manager and admin).
  • user-registration and weblog-subscription (currently without mail notification)
  • a set of defineable preferences (including language and country, enabling or disabling weblog-archive, color-definitions etc.)
  • calendar- or page-based navigation (or both)
  • automatic conversion of pasted urls into links

For more information have a look at (in progress) or


The Antville Server Fund has been a great success. Thanks to everybody who contributed!
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February 2023
zfuture's house here is zfuture's
by zfuture (7/31/03, 2:59 AM)
i understand your concerns however,
i hardly can think of a solution. certainly, if the...
by tobi (7/29/03, 9:47 AM)
Found several more similar sites
listed This is getting to be quite a concern to...
by cobalt123 (7/27/03, 7:56 PM)
Second Post Alert on Referrer
bug livecatz I put this into "help" and now here:...
by cobalt123 (7/26/03, 7:14 PM)
well it's not easy to
find from here, anyway. think we should include a link,...
by tobi (7/24/03, 11:25 AM)
So finally I found
the helma Bugzilla - stupid me.
by mdornseif (7/24/03, 10:28 AM)
clock not that it's particularly
earthshattering but the antclock is running slow by about 15...
by kohlehydrat (7/23/03, 8:25 PM)
but isn't can't really
be rated as spam can it?
by kohlehydrat (7/23/03, 8:08 PM)
More referrer spam
by Irene (7/23/03, 7:55 PM)
How to log skin names
I accessed to console?? Hi, I would like to know...
by winson (7/23/03, 4:12 PM)

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