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Your opinion of an alternative creating/editing-a-story-form

On different occasions I had the chance to observe people using antville for the first time. Stimulated by this, I drafted an alternative version of the creating/editing-a-story-form.

First it should be easier for novice users and second more efficient for expert users. Here is the screenshot, what’s your opinion?

form for creating/editing a story


we should

drop style sheet code embedded into every single page of a weblog and instead turn to linked stylesheets by using the @import directive.

what do you think?


search box on every page

Is anybody else thinking that it would be nice to have a simple search text box on every page instead of having to go to the search page in order to enter a search term? Well, as is so often the case, the only reason why this isn't so already is that I (having implemented the search feature) didn't know where and how to place it.

So if you suffer from the current click-to-search situation like I do, please step forward and let us know where you think this box should go and what it should look like!


Test it! Click on delete!

Click on delete!
Huh, delete? It's the same thing as with "any key", i haven't such key!


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