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Polls after logging in?

I observe odd behaviour with polls. If a new user clickes on the title of a poll generated by poll id="3" or the likehe is asked to log in or register. After doing so he is not taken to the poll but to the list of polls at dom.ain/blog/polls. Shouldn't the user been taken to the 'vote booh' instead?

See for an example.


Just inquisitive

After creating a story to just correct a word the story does not appeal in recently modified on Antville main page. An new paragraph causes an update. Which kind of changings are shown? Where is the tolerance?



okay, i want to host weblogs on my site. can i do that here?

if so, how?
if not, does anyone know where it can be accomplised?
web searches just aren't helpful...


How to start a new weblog?

Hello everybody! I just wondered how to start a new weblog. Is it possible to get a domain-name like and even some webspace on the antville server?


Search Functionality

Hello !

Is it possible to perform a search in files that I uploaded ?
These are pdf-files in my case ...



any unused weblogs out there?

I'm quite sure about the fact that this is not the right place to ask a question like that - but hey, there are just a few right places in life.

so: has anybody of you got a fresh and unused antville-weblog which he/she wants to donate to me, so that I can provide a new community-weblog?

please contact me in the comments or via eMail: daniel(at)!



same db for folders branch?

I'm going to try out the folders branch today. I just skimmed the CVS through the web interface, and there are no recent folder-specific updates in the db_support directory. Does this version use the exact same db tables as the main branch? Could I even replace an existing Antville installation with the folders version, on top of an existing db?


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