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antville (antclick) port change

hello. i downloaded antclick and it runs fine on port 8080. but i want it on port 80. so i changed the port in the to 80 and when i start it then i can't connect to it on port 80 (or 8080, but that is fine). why doesn't the simple port change work?


how to upgrade from antclick pre5 to 1.0 final

  1. shut down antclick if it's running
  2. make a backup of your existing antclick installation (don't skip this! you will have to convert the database, and in case something goes wrong while converting you will be happy to have a backup)
  3. unpack antclick-1.0 somewhere on your disk, but make sure that any directory above antclick's doesn't contain any spaces (eg. on windows, don't place it into C:\Program Files\antclick-1.0)
now start transferring the data of your old antclick installation into the new one:
  1. copy the directory called "db" into the directory containing antclick-1.0
  2. copy the contents of the directory "static" into the "static" directory of antclick 1.0
  3. remove the directory "data" of your new antclick 1.0 and replace it with the "data" directory of your old antclick installation.
  4. open a shell (or command box on windows) and enter the following commands:
    cd path/to/new/antclick-1.0
    java -cp lib/ext/mckoidb.jar -path data -u admin -p entwil

    (if you get an error complaining "command not found" or the like you do not have the java executable in path, so you will have to enter the whole path to it at the beginning of the above command.)
    depending on the size of your database this conversion can take some time. normally it will finish saying "-- Convert Successful --", and then you're done.


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