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I got the same problem than the poster below... (Sorry for creating a new story.) One hour early without changing anything. I got Java 1.4.1, btw.

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image upload

seems to be down at the moment. ("Request timed out.") Or is it just my internet?

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ah! what happened?

okay, i was unable to log in for a while, then my text centered itself for no reason. so i thought, hey lets reset the stylesheet. bad move, dude.

now my site is ruined.

any help? should i start from scratch?

/ e.

okay, i was missing a < tag , so thats why everything in mystyle sheet was visible as text, but i still am messing it up / erk

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Blog deleted

I just wanted to delete a skin from, and boof - the whole weblog was gone. No need to restore it; it was just a testing field for skins anyway, but I thought I'd better report it.

I'm not sure which skin I was about to delete (wanted to reset the whole thing to zero), but I think I clicked the "delete"-button twice (nervous finger).

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Antclick 1.0 PR 2 or FC or something?

A lot of things have changed since the latest Antclick release. I'm interested in an all-inclusive package made from the latest sources and I would volunteer to prepare it. However, I ran into difficulties because I had to build the current Helma snapshot on my computer. The downloadable snapshot crashed on Mac OS X and our Linux Box with Java 1.3.

How can this problem be solved? I suppose you use Java 1.4. Does this mean that a new Antclick should consist of two helma.jar files?

BTW, how far away are you from the release of Antville 1.0? According to Userland's reports there is a big demand in Frontier and Manila. Antville can easily compete with them if it wouldn't appear as work in progress. I truly believe that releases with regular version numbers would introduce more clarity.

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New Walls Encircle Pyramidal Complex at Giza

Since the beginning of 2002, Dr. J.J. Hurtak and a European team of investigators and explorers have been recording the construction of a massive system of walls being placed around the historic pyramidal sites and the larger unexcavated area of Giza, Egypt in total, an area covering approximately eight square kilometers.

Why build these massive walls at this time? Certainly Giza is one of the finest archaeological zones of the world. Are there new treasures of ancient Egypt yet to be uncovered that require sophisticated technology and surveillance platforms, to protect the ongoing research along the Giza plateau? Has, perhaps, an area been discovered that shows tracings of rare earths and unique minerals? Or is it simply, as some officials are claiming, a move to protect the plateau from terrorists and control the masses of tourists visiting the area?

The standard argument for the creation of such a wall is "crowd control", but the details of this new construction suggest an initiative that is both multi-purpose and grand scale: the wall near Nazlat al Salman will be, at a minimum, 7 meters (22 feet) high. Are such measures solely for crowd control?

The walls have been built in stages. Images taken in February of 2002 reveal the walls extending far out into the desert where, for the most part, they have not been noticeable to the average visitor. Note the foundation and the massive re-bar supports. The walls have been carefully constructed on a deep and wide foundation (at least 2 meters below ground) with iron rod poles poised to support the concrete interfaces, with room for a special attachable cover. All in all this suggests a gargantuan wall.

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clock not that it's particularly
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but isn't can't really
be rated as spam can it?
by kohlehydrat (7/23/03, 8:08 PM)
More referrer spam
by Irene (7/23/03, 7:55 PM)
How to log skin names
I accessed to console?? Hi, I would like to know...
by winson (7/23/03, 4:12 PM)

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