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new macros:

  • story_macro() <% story id="[weblog-alias/]storyID" %> done
  • topiclist_macro() <% topiclist itemprefix="" itemsuffix="" %> done
  • imagelist_macro() done
  • filelist_macro()
  • monthlist_macro() (see done
  • currentlyonline_macro() - list all registered users plus the number of anonymous sessions implemented for testing purposes (not available as macro, yet).
  • warhol_macro() ("your own fifteen minutes of fame") - retrieves a random weblog and displays it with title,tagline,last story


  • search (also search in all weblogs, rename to "search")
  • skins: do we need
       delete site/  
       check skinmanager/  
  • global/linkedpath_macro() - rename?
  • application messages (incl. translation to german) done.
  • remove searchbox-skin, place contents in
  • rss-output (tobi) - just display title, link and story-preview done.
  • fix terminology of colorpicker-skins done.
  • fix clientside-javascript-skin-problem
  • fix problem with majorUpdate and content_text (if someone writes a big teaser, majorUpdate wouldn't be set) done (hopefully :)
  • setup: root/main.hac should redirect to sysmgr/setup.hac directly if there is already a sysmanager (resp. root.users.size() > 0) done
  • referrers: enable on frontpage, throw out every record that's older than 24 hours and does not contain a story id (clean-up).

new features:

  • list allowed macros for each skin in skineditor if possible done.
  • update (ahem)
  • add "panic"-action for resetting a single skin / all skins (automagically add response.body if missing in site/


  • what implications has the new extensible story model we did not think about, yet? (e.g. think of how custom stories without title or text field should be displayed in the story manager...)


The Antville Server Fund has been a great success. Thanks to everybody who contributed!
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January 2021
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