Antville Project to storyname

ich bin fast sicher, dass das eine rtfm-frage ist, aber ich finds einfach nicht ...

gibts eine möglichkeit, auf antville-stories per story-name zu linken? also <..."topicname/storyname" text="blah" ...>?

habe gerade die wiki-funktionalität gelesen ... also <storyname> funktioniert nicht mehr?

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Is Wiki dead?

Have you axed the Wiki thingy? <* ... *> doesn't work anymore.

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antville and the wikiwiki-web

according to the "wiki getting started faq", a wikiwiki-web (or short: wiki) is "a collection of web pages which can be edited by anyone, at anytime, from anywhere". while this short summary raises anxious questions like "you mean everyone could delete what i have written?" most of the time, let me put it straight right the way that in antville a pretty good user management system disallows any unwanted read, write, create or delete action by its users.

however, antville has adapted the wiki idea to provide the user of a weblog similar ways in structuring and writing information. still, many writers can work on one "document" by collecting various stories in one topic. each of the stories is assigned to its original author, however using antville's user role model makes it possible to grant higher permissions to trusted users.

the integration of the topic space into the weblog is realized by the special markup tags &lt* and *>. everything that is written between these two tags, no matter if in a story or a comment, is used as a reference to a topic. does a topic exist whose name is equal to the marked-up term, the term will appear as a link to the topic. otherwise, a link will be inserted after the term leading to an edit form that can be used for initial definition of the topic.

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