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Saturday, 12. July 2003

referrer spam

we had this theme here a few weeks ago...

e.g this is from my recent referrer list - i hate that! any idea to block it? i think there is a need to become active.
cheers *


Friday, 11. July 2003

Finding a blog site

I am currently tryin to find an easy to use blog site which I can use and is easy to blog from anywhere unlike if I use geocities where I need to log in and it takes ages for things to be made etc. I found Antville thanks to Darren (sk8lad) and am just looking around for now.


site.lastupdate macro weirdness

on my antville installation there is something wrong with the prefix and suffix parameters for site.lastupdate. the macro code looks like it will always return "last update on "+time instead of the time only. but it used to work and it still works here on i don't get it. what happened?


Thursday, 10. July 2003

Pinging Broken?

My antville installation can't ping, because it is sending only relative URLs. I'm not sure if this is a misconfiguration or a bug. To me it seems that this.href() used to generate the ping-URL always returns relative URLs.

Details can be found at


Friday, 4. July 2003

Help: How can I run AntClick in a DHCP eviroment

I want to use AntClick in my group. But in our company all machine's IP is dynamically allocated. I found no response for "". If I change to a fixed IP address, it works perfectly.
Can anyone give me a clue? Thanks a lot!


Monday, 30. June 2003

New gadget, please check it out

I installed a context menu feature for ms internet explorer here at similar to the one of

Excerpt from the context menu showing "Post to Antville" entries

Installation is pretty simple (imho):

  1. Point your browser to (be sure to replace alias with your weblog's alias)
  2. If you trust me, simply choose "Open file from its current location" (or whatever it says in english for "Die Datei von ihrem aktuellen Ort öffnen") – if you belong to the noble group of internet sceptics you rather should download the file, examine it in your favorite editor and then decide to install it.
  3. After installation (ie. writing a few lines in the registry) you should open a new instance of internet explorer and then find a new entry in the context menu called "Post to sitename" with sitename certainly being your weblog's title.
To use the context menu simply go to any website, select some text and click on the new entry. In effect, your weblog's story editor should open with the editor field containing the website's URL and the selected text ready for editing and posting.

Btw. if anyone wants to contribute a similar functionality for other browsers just let me know how the principle works and maybe we can find a way to implement this in antville, too.

More information about adding entries to the standard context menu.


Saturday, 28. June 2003

Hello Everybody!

happy birthday!!


The Antville Server Fund has been a great success. Thanks to everybody who contributed!
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