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finally i had some time to work on antville (thank god there are weekends ;-), and this is the result:

  • i hope there is no confusion about "where will my comment appear?" anymore: there is now a seperate page for adding a toplevel-comment
  • the commentcounter-macro now counts the comments, and not the threads (there has to be a reason why i called it this way ;-)
  • the bigger change: authors can now define who is allowed to edit a story they created using a select-box in story-editor. 'til now there is no story-locking done so concurrent-editing-conflicts are possible ...
  • choosing the userlevel of a member is now done also with a select-box instead of two checkboxes.
  • stories/comments in the recently changed-list get now the first words of the text if there's no title
  • the text-preview ends now with the next space reached, not exactly at the limit specified
  • bugfixes included (and i hope i didn't create any new bugs ;->
Due to some changes to existing macros there might be difficulties with existing weblogs, at least i tried to keep the backwards-compatibility ... and i didn't update the documentation of macros ...

ok, so now i'm heading into barcelona's nightlife!


tobi, July 23, 2001 at 11:00:19 AM CEST

very nice

those are indeed cool improvements, robert. thanks a lot for your week-endly efforts. i like the recently-modified box much better now. and +1 for counting comments instead of threads. purr!


hns, July 23, 2001 at 11:45:49 AM CEST

yeah, me too!


BTW, ultra-minor proposal: call the "recently modified" box "recently updated", or even better, "recent updates". "Modified"sounds very much like editing an already posted message, while updates sounds more like "updates to this site".


robert, July 23, 2001 at 12:41:44 PM CEST


nice to hear that it was worth coding instead of going to the beach ;-)


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