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The updated README for Antclick

I'm going to post it in the comments. The text was nicked from varous places all over The current start scripts use port 80 and not 8080 as written in the README. Please update either of them. Additionally, the file documentation.html in apps/antville/ is completely outdated and should be removed.

And finally, there is a, I think it would be nice if there was also a


kris, October 25, 2002 at 3:06:36 PM CEST



Antclick is an integrated Helma/Antville package. It comes with 
integrated web server and SQL database. It should run out of the 
box although you may have to modify the start script. 

This version of Antclick contains Mckoi as the embedded database 
and Jetty as the embedded web server.

Although Antcklick comes preconfigured with the Mckoi database, it 
can easily be set up to run with other databases such as MySQL and 
Oracle. It is also possible to configure it to use a fully featured 
web server instead of the built-in web server. 


Simply uncompress the content of the archive file into any place on 
your hard disk. Start Helma on Windows by opening the file hop.bat. 
On Unix systems open a terminal window, change to the Antclick 
directory and type ./

If you manage to get it running you should be able to connect your
browser to (port 8080, that is). Now you can 
set up and configure your antville site.


Antville is an open source project aimed to the development of an 
"easy to maintain and use" weblog-hosting system. It is not limited 
to just one weblog, it can easily host up to several hundred or 
thousand weblogs (the number of weblogs is more limited by the site 
owner's choice and server power than software limitations).

Antville is entirely written in JavaScript and based on the Helma 
Object Publisher, a powerful and fast scriptable open source web 
application server (which itself is written in Java). Antville works 
with a relational database in the backend.

I think you should add the sections "ABOUT HELMA OBJECT PUBLISHER", an updated version of "SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS" (sorry, i'm not familiar with it), and a completely rewritten "DOCUMENTATION AND FURTHER INFORMATION" (the structure on is gone, so i couldn't find the helma docs.) from the previous version.


hns, October 25, 2002 at 3:41:12 PM CEST

Re: README.txt

Thanks kris, I'm updating the file...


hns, October 25, 2002 at 3:48:21 PM CEST

Re: README.txt

The changes are in: new version, diffs.

I've also updated the Antclick build to the newest version of Mckoi and made the necessary changes to the database scheme. Although I haven't tested it yet, the current Antclick build should work fine again.


kris, October 25, 2002 at 3:48:32 PM CEST

Wait a second

there is another readme file in the antville directory. it explains roughly how to set up antville with mysql and apache. maybe you can refer to it in the other readme.

from what i know the section about "" may possibly be outdated.


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