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where's the current Antville version hiding again?

If you want something simple that runs out-of-the-boxTM, you can get a quite up-to-date snapshot of helma in a .jar, and the latest weekly antclick build.

If you're a developer and want a fresh copy of the full monty, you can download Antville and Helma from the CVS. Yes, there's a story explaining how to use the CVS. Or if you're on Windows and want to do it the clicky-clicky way, learn how Downloading Antville with WinCVS works.

Keywords: download Antville CVS snapshot newest current. It always took me too long to find the appropriate URLs for downloading up-to-date Helma and Antville versions. Consequently, I created this story with the search keywords above, so next time I forget the link and search for "download Antville from CVS", I will find something.


The Antville Server Fund has been a great success. Thanks to everybody who contributed!
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April 2021
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by cobalt123 (7/26/03 7:14 PM)
clock not that it's particularly
earthshattering but the antclock is running slow by about 15...
by kohlehydrat (7/23/03 8:25 PM)
How to log skin names
I accessed to console?? Hi, I would like to know...
by winson (7/23/03 4:12 PM)

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