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Update: We ordered our new server! For the time being, there's no more need for donations. If we have expenses in the future, we'll let you know and reactivate the fund. Thanks to everybody who contributed!

Here are the details for how to contribute to our fund for a better, faster Server for

As of February 9 2003, we have received 3455,55 € in donations. Thanks to everyone!

You can send us money to our Paypal account using a credit card by clicking on the button below.

If you are located in Germany, Austria or Spain you may prefer to send your donation to one of our local bank accounts. Please be sure that you add the words "Antville Server Fund" as the reason for the transfer, as these accounts are not dedicated and it will make it easier for us to determine the amount of donations.

Empfängerin: Ute Hennig
Bank: Deutsche Bank
BLZ: 380 707 24
Kto.-Nr.: 4632071

Empfänger: Hannes Wallnöfer
BLZ: 14000
Kto.-Nr: 01810085297

robert gaggl
caixa catalunya
oficina: 0010 barcelona fontanella
entitat: 2013
d.c 95
num 0202153234

We will update this page regularly to let you know what the current status of the funding is. Thanks to everybody who has agreed to contribute so far, and everybody who will contribute!

PS: Note that we are not targeting 3000 Euros flat as my previous posting made some people believe. Rather, that is a threshold I set up from which on we'd be able to get some serious hardware. 150 Euros more and we get a redundant power supply. 500 Euros more and we may get faster processors with more Cache. You get the picture. The more we get, the better antville will run in the future!


The Antville Server Fund has been a great success. Thanks to everybody who contributed!
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