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Hallo everybody.

I've writen a function (for personal use of course) to replace invalid chars with nothing and "spaces" with "underscores".

I've added this to the global object.functions.js. I had Problems with different Browsers (on Linux :) when downloading files or images.

Its simply a copy of the regexp found in buildAliasFromFile plus the replacement of "spaces" with "underscores".

Look at the code:

  • function replaces "invalid" webchars
  • @param name String the name to convert
  • @return String determined name "invalid" char free

function replaceinvalidchars(name) {
// replace spaces with
var spaces = new RegExp(" ");
spaces.ignoreCase = true; = true;
name = name.replace(spaces,"
// clean name from any invalid characters
var invalidChars = new RegExp("[ \/?&=\+#äöüß\\]");
invalidChars.ignoreCase = true; = true;
return name.replace(invalidChars,"");

Second I added

param.alias = replaceinvalidchars(param.alias) ;

to the image and file object.functions.js. In the global object.functions.js i replaced the regexp with

line 459:
// clean name from any invalid characters
return replaceinvalidchars(name);

It's very simple maybe somebody adds it to the antville code if needed. Maybe nobody needs it.



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