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Since I had to install antclick some days ago, I built the packages from CVS, and since I have the packages built already, I thought I put them on the server for others to download.

The instructions for updating from pre1 are still valid, if you're updating from a later version, you just need to perform steps 1 to 3.

Have fun!

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New antclick preview out

I've uploaded new antclick builds to . This version includes Helma 1.2 release candidate 1 plus one bug fix. A short guide for how to update antclick pre1 installations is also available. Have fun + happy hacking!

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Downloading Antville with WinCVS

Having trouble following the story explaining how to use the CVS because you're on Windows? No problem. Here's what you do:

  1. Get WinCVS. You need a version that supports the 'pserver' authentication method. At the time I'm writing this, 1.2 is the latest 'stable' release, but that one doesn't do pserver. Get the 1.3 beta or something newer.
  2. Install it. If it's missing Python or TCL, ignore the warnings, you don't need that.
  3. Launch it. In the preferences dialog (which may open on its own or hide in the 'Admin' menu), fill in the form in the 'General' tab: Authentication: pserver Path: /opt/cvs/apps Host address: User name: anonymous
  4. Save and close the preferences and choose 'Login...' from the 'Admin' menu.
  5. You will be prompted for a home directory. Choose where you want to have your Antville.
  6. You will be prompted for a password. Leave that empty, just click OK. If everything went well, the cvs server should now tell you that it loves you or something. 'CVS exited normally with code 0' would also be a good response.
  7. Make sure that in the preferences, in the tab 'Globals', the option 'Checkout read-only' is checked.
  8. Now choose 'Checkout module ...' from the 'Create' menu, enter 'antville' as module name and change the folder where you want to have the files if you changed your mind.
  9. Click OK. The files are downloaded and you're done: you have the latest, newest Antville!
  10. What now? Close WinCVS, open the folder you just downloaded and read the readme file you find there.

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where's the current Antville version hiding again?

If you want something simple that runs out-of-the-boxTM, you can get a quite up-to-date snapshot of helma in a .jar, and the latest weekly antclick build.

If you're a developer and want a fresh copy of the full monty, you can download Antville and Helma from the CVS. Yes, there's a story explaining how to use the CVS. Or if you're on Windows and want to do it the clicky-clicky way, learn how Downloading Antville with WinCVS works.

Keywords: download Antville CVS snapshot newest current. It always took me too long to find the appropriate URLs for downloading up-to-date Helma and Antville versions. Consequently, I created this story with the search keywords above, so next time I forget the link and search for "download Antville from CVS", I will find something.

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Current antville/antclick package out for testing

Hi there, I updated the antville/antclick build environment and put out up-to-date packages: (*nix) (Windows)

Gotta run and cook dinner now, so I'll keep it short: Antclick is an integrated Helma/Antville package. It comes with an integrated web server and SQL database. It should run out of the box although you may have to modify the start script. All you need to run it is Java 1.3 or higher.

This version of Antclick comes with Mckoi as embedded database now, which should be able to scale to a few hundred megs of data (I said should, haven't tried yet). Basically, the only weak spot left now is the embedded web server. I'm currently investigating into what it would take to replace it with Jetty.

Please let me know what you find!

Update: Just to avoid a common misunderstanding, although Antcklick comes preconfigured with the Mckoi database, it is perfectly possible to reconfigure it to run it with other databases (just as it is possible to configure it to run in a servlet container like Tomcat instead of the built-in web server). All you have to do is update the file in the apps/antville directory and add the JDBC-driver for your database to the classpath. Currently, Antville supports MySQL and Oracle out of the box, but there's no reason why it shouldn't be possible to add support for other db products.

Update 2 (July 31): The Mckoi database that was packaged with this Antclick prerelease has a bug that causes trouble with large text items. If you do anything serious with it, please replace the lib/mckoidb.jar file in your installation with this patched version (right click and save-as):

mckoidb (application/octet-stream, 647 KB)

Make sure that you stop and restart Antclick if you update to the patched version!

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