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Hallo everybody.

I've writen a function (for personal use of course) to replace invalid chars with nothing and "spaces" with "underscores".

I've added this to the global object.functions.js. I had Problems with different Browsers (on Linux :) when downloading files or images.

Its simply a copy of the regexp found in buildAliasFromFile plus the replacement of "spaces" with "underscores".

Look at the code: /**

  • function replaces "invalid" webchars
  • @param name String the name to convert
  • @return String determined name "invalid" char free */

function replaceinvalidchars(name) { // replace spaces with _ var spaces = new RegExp(" "); spaces.ignoreCase = true; = true; name = name.replace(spaces,"_"); // clean name from any invalid characters var invalidChars = new RegExp("[ \/?&=\+#äöüß\\]"); invalidChars.ignoreCase = true; = true; return name.replace(invalidChars,""); }

Second I added

param.alias = replaceinvalidchars(param.alias) ;

to the image and file object.functions.js. In the global object.functions.js i replaced the regexp with

line 459: // clean name from any invalid characters return replaceinvalidchars(name);

It's very simple maybe somebody adds it to the antville code if needed. Maybe nobody needs it.


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date selection

Hi, antville seems to be a very cool software. I just started to read the source code and I'm very impressed about the clean code!

Well, there is one thing that I'm missing: a drop down list in stories/create for date selection. I don't want to use antville as a blogging software, but a public calender for my peer group.

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referrer spammers

userland has the same problem with porn spam in the referrer listings. dave thinks their intention is to leech off a site's good page ranking. maybe they simply try to fool site owner or visitors from google to click on their links.

however, dave suggests a robots.txt file. i'm not sure about it but you could easily install one on and see how it works. i reckon sooner or later they will come back via backlinks.

btw, in case anyone wants to become a hero in the blogosphere, go and implement a referrer spammers database complete with a nifty xml-rpc interface ;->

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feature request

it would be nice to have an antville favicon for the default skin. helps identify antville weblogs in the bookmark dir of mozilla/firebird and other browsers supporting this.

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a tiny antville modification

i would like to define the size of uploadable files in the setup of an antville installation. i can code it myself. are you willing to add my code to the default distribution? who do i send my changes to?

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Brainstorming: Antville as a Desktop CMS

This may sound (or even be) far off, but has anybody ever thought about using antville as desktop CMS and publishing system? The thought came to me because I'm using Antville offline, as a great text & image storage & retrieval system.

While looking for an off-site solution for websites without much server functionality, I thought how nice it would be to just push a button & publish one of those antville "sites" via ftp as static pages.

That would save so much work that I'd even be willing to program it myself (not sure if I'm still able to, but... worth a try)

So, if you think this would be a good idea, help me do some brainstorming (and if you think it would be a baaad idea, just tell me why!)

I'll post my first ideas in the comments to avoid getting too longish here.

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change your layout in a snap

I can change all my skins in under one second. If we add the feature described below to Antville, you'll also be able to do that.

Experimenting with your skins in an online blog is kind of messy; visitors get ugly or weird pages while you are in the middle of a redesign, the server has a lot of work with replacing skins and delivering the various skin editor pages again and again, and you have to wait for each page to load. That's why I like to build a skin on my local Antville, in the comfort of my home, and upload my work when I'm done. However, I have to do this skin by skin; there's no way to do that all in one go. Until now.

I just implemented a first version of a page that lets you download all skins at once, and another one that lets you upload such a dump again. This is not only useful for the purpose described above. You can also make a backup of your skins before messing with them, or copy the layout of one blog to another blog.

I use text areas as input and output gadgets; maybe it would be nicer to implement this as a file down- and upload. Maybe I'll do that later, or someone else will, but for now I leave it like that because I already wasted enough time with it today.

My alpha-quality implementation is in there:

skinfeeder (application/zip, 4 KB)

The .skin and .hac files simply have to be copied into the skinmgr prototype. The function in the .js file should probably go into skinmgr/objectFunctions.js. The skin files contain the 'user manual'. Everything else is abvious from the code :-)

What do you think?

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